Size: 50x 80 (100) x 1,2 cm
Plate height: 12 cm on tracks
Loading capacity: 250 kg
Material: heavily anodised anticorrosive aluminum alloy
Weight: 12 kg on tracks, (extra 12 kg with pneumatic wheels: special order)

When the surface of the base wears out, its symmetrical built will allow you to refresh its looks simply by turning it over. A convenient protective coating will give your plate a new life even after several years of use.


Size: 1 x 50 x 80 cm with several 3/8" holes (with 3/8" industrial standard threads, as well as 10 mm threads), which allow you to attach a Euro adapter (4 screws), a 150 mm ball adapter (2 screws), a seat adapter and a tripod mount (2 screws).

Weight, including the above mentioned accessories: 12 kg. You can also set up an aluminum light crane by using a camera tower set in the middle position. This will allow you to operate the dolly and the crane simultaneously up to a height of 9 m (in this case, you must place 2-6 sand bags on the base plate for balance).


The gauge depends on the position of the 4 mounts:

Narrow gauge 36 cm (the plate is placed lengthwise), broad gauge (the plate is placed crosswise on the tracks). No technical changes are needed when replacing the tracks – simply turn the rodolly. The rodolly can just as well run on plastic tracks or tubes.


By using the 150 mm head mount ball adapter applied directly on the base plate you can immediately achieve a low shot position without any technical changes. (Rather than building in a low rig, it’s actually faster just to take the camera off another dolly and set it up directly on the rodolly low shot position.)
Ball adapter height: 15 cm (on tracks) – 22 cm (on pneumatic wheels)


3/8" industrial standard Allen screws are used to attach all fastening screws and accessory parts. You only need a single 8 mm Allen wrench for all conversions. Because the 4 mounts for the track wheels are always fixed on the plate, conversions are very fast:
1.     the back axle is released from the track wheel mounts;
2.     the front part, including the steering, is detached from the base plate via 5 screws.
3.   the track wheels are thrust in the mounts. Despite their light build, the track wheels possess a maximum number of features:

vertical freedom of movement = balanced at the track joint – horizontal freedom of movement  = set up on round tracks.


1 standard pin for attaching the seat. The pin also has a 16 mm mount hole inside for installing the pushing rod. Moreover, the pin has a 3/8" (10 mm) thread, which enables it to be put up anywhere on the base plate. With the help of a 16 mm arm or a Magic arm it can receive either a monitor, a lamp or other accessories.


Pull front steering with stainless steel T-handle and a 16 mm pin, which can also be used as a pushing rod for the track system. If the steering rod gets lost during the shooting, it can be replaced easily with a tripod extension or a light aluminum tripod with 16 mm pins.